BVI Databases for Video Compression and Quality Assessment


This webpage provides a summary of all databases developed by the researchers within BVI including their descriptions and download links. Detailed usages can be found in their specific webpages.

List of databases

  • BVI-HD [database]: a perceptual video quality database for HEVC and texture synthesis compressed content
  • BVI-HFR [database]: a high frame rate video database
  • BVI-SR [database]: a study of subjective video quality at various spatial resolutions
  • BVI-HomTex [database]: a video database with various types of homogeneous textures
  • BVI-Texture [database]: a video texture database for perceptual compression and quality assessment
  • BVI-SynTex [database]: a synthetic video texture dataset for video compression and quality assessment
  • BVI-BD [database]: a subjective study on videos at various bit depths
  • BVI-DVC [database]: a training database for deep video compression
  • BVI-CC [database]: a video database for codec comparison and quality assessment